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RIET Startups

Travancore Majestic – You Believe, We Assure.

TRAVANCORE MAJESTIC mainly focus on designing and manufacturing variety of Products which make great changes in industrial sector by reducing energy Consumption and human effort. We have an idea of providing consulting and Training programs for various sectors. Our company comprises of various equipment’s in medical field, kitchen gadgets, Electrical and electronic appliances and a food processing machine which is going To be play an important role in coming generation. We have an agro processing Division in which we mainly focus on the production of organic products and food Items.

▪ PRASANTH R – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
▪ AMAL M. NAIR – Chief Operating Officer (COO) Technological Division
▪ P.M. ANCHU MUKESH – Chief Operating Officer (COO) Agro-Processing Division
▪ SWATHY S. KUMAR – Chief Operating Officer (COO) Retail and Outlets Division
▪ MOHAMMED MAHEEN A. S. – Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
▪ ANJUA PRADEEP  – Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
▪ APARNA THAMPI B. S.  – Chief Communication Officer (CCO)
▪ JYOTHIS B. R. – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
▪ SREELEKSHMI M. G.- Chief Information Officer (CIO)
▪ RAISAL A.- Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
▪ PRAVEEN U.- Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
▪ MUHAMMED HARIS A.- Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
▪ SMRITHY D. S.- Chief Process Officer (CPO)

Currently the startup has three divisions
1) Technical Division; Product development, training, consultancy and service
2) Agro processing and Farming Division
3) Retailing & Branding


Rajadhani Hi-Tech Equipments (No. 4070/2018)

The business of the firm shall be to:

Mr. Ajay Krishnan Prakash
Mrs. Megha B. Ramesh


CE SQUARE (Expertise and Execute) (No. 4073/2018)

The business of the firm shall be to:

  1. Provide civil consultancy services in the nature of business development or management solutions.
  2. Provide Project management consultancy services
  3. Provide contract work services
  4. To provide best-in-class systems and solutions that are subjected to continuous improvement
  5. Carry out other related works and activities necessary to provide the required one-stop solutions to the prospective clients.
  6. To do any other act or things incidental to or necessary for the purpose of carrying on the business of the firm.


Dr. K. Balan (Vice Principal)
Mr. Swaroop Krishna CS (Assistant Professor in CE)
Mrs. Remya VR (Assistant Professor in CE)
Mr. J. ishnu Balan (Civil Engineering Student)


KARMA RESEARCH LAB (No. 4074/2018)

The business of the firm shall be as follows:

  1. To generate different Apps which can be used to enhance learning process
  2. To act as a research centre in various technical and non-technical areas.
  3.  To  provide training on both technical and non-technical topics to students and other stakeholders


Mr. Krishnakumar K (Assistant Professor in ME)      
Mr. Anuraj A R (Assistant Professor in ME)  
Mr. Indraprasad (Assistant Professor in ME)            
Mr. JoeJeba Rajan Krishnan (Assistant Professor in ME)      
Mr. Ramu R (Assistant Professor in ECE)      
Mr. Prajith Prathapan

E4S (Engineering 4 solutions) (No. 4072/2018)

The business of the firm shall be to:

  1. To provide and support technical and Engineering products / services to society which includes but not limited to the following sectors.
  2. Agriculture/Green thinking
  3. Educational
  4. Waste Management
  5. Health Care
  6. To do any other act or things incidental to or necessary for the purpose of Carrying on the business of the firm


Mr. Asok R (Assistant Professor in ME)         
Miss. SruthiKrishna S (Assistant Professor in AO)     
Mr. Subuhan S (Mechanical Engineering student)
Mr. GopiKrishna (Mechanical Engineering student)

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