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Message from the Directors


I have a celestial dream of the future wherein Rajadhani Institute of Engineering &Technology takes up leadership of the engineering education in the state. Days are not far away when the RIETians contribute profusely to the material prosperity of the nation and further cross the borders and work for the entire humanity equipped with their unique technological skill, insight, vision and dedication. To get this dream fulfilled everyone has to strive and struggle. A combined effort by the faculty, students, staff, parents and the management is the need of the hour. Our faculty members are well qualified, experienced and dedicated to their task. The management is ever eager to provide them further training and facilities for research and development. Our ever growing collaborations with the industrial world is an added advantage.

I have a request to our beloved students that they shall make full use of our facilities, services and guidance of our faculty members, the opportunities that are ready at hand and the inspiring atmosphere within our campus. We have the skill and wisdom to convert you from the raw individuals that you are into world class technocrats of the future. I welcome you dearly to this warm and protective fold of Rajadhani Institute of Engineering and Technology, with all good wishes.

Director – Administration


Our endeavour at Rajadhani Institute of Engineering and Technology and Rajadhani Business School is to develop engineers and business leaders with high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient) with a social commitment. Qualified team with the support of our Academic Council formulate policy frame work, systems and processes for high quality delivery. Entire processes of delivery of intellectual inputs are planned meticulously through detailed lesson plans, which are thoroughly monitored. Students are exposed to various disciplines of engineering and management utilizing latest technology enabled teaching and learning management systems. RIET and RBS not only impact engineering and management education, but it also provides enriching experience of innovation and creativity. We aim in to channelize all our resources in shaping the young minds and developing them to blossom as enlightened value based leaders in engineering and management.

Associate Director, RIET

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