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Electrical engineering more recently referred to as electrical and electronic engineering is the engineering discipline dealing with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. The focus is specially on the design and application of circuitry and equipment for power generation and distribution, machine control, and communications. It encompasses a wide range of sub-fields including those that deal with power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications. Generally the core of electrical engineering is considered to deal with electrical systems such as power transmission and motor control. The electrical engineers are usually engaged in problems and issues related to using electricity to transmitting energy. The theoretical framework is based on laws of Physics governing electricity, magnetism, and light. Careers for electrical engineering graduates are in power sector, power generating companies, manufacturing etc.

The department has the following labs:

  • Electrical and Electronics Workshop
  • Electrical Machines Lab
  • Electronics Circuits Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation Lab
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Microprocessor Lab
  • Power System Lab
  • Systems and Control Lab




HOD Message

It gives me great pleasure & pride to lead the Electrical & Electronics Engg Department of this esteemed & prestigious institution. The department of EEE is one of the major & principle departments of Rajadhani Institute of Engg & Technology since 2010. The department is well respected, recognized and accredited by AICTE.

Our department offer a 4 year undergraduate program affiliated to Kerala University & presently Kerala Technological University. The department’s excellent infrastructure, extremely talented teaching faculty and technical staff ensure quality education of the best kind. Our faculty members come from highly reputed universities with specialized knowledge in Power Electronics & Drives, Power systems, Electrical Machines, Control Systems, Mechatronics, Applied Electronics and Instrumentation. More emphasis is given on practical knowledge in addition to theoretical knowledge.

The EEE department endeavours to streamline the career options and pave ways for recent graduates to explore new career opportunities. Our graduates will have the opportunity to work in various private/Govt/public sectors & industries. Further, the EEE graduates has various options to choose for career growth viz. he can easily switch over to software field or can opt for design/fabrication of electronics hardware engineer or can also choose to become an entrepreneur.

Our department has collaboration with ASAP (Additional Skill Acquisition Program ), EMC (Energy Management Centre) for smart energy program, ANERT (Agency for Non-conventional Energy & Rural Technology) etc making the department function as renewable energy innovation forum. The tie-up with State Resource Centre, Kerala (under MHRD, Govt of India) ensures us to conduct skill development courses.

Thanks to the efforts of our management, teachers, alumni & students for their continuous support. We continue to play a leading role in our discipline and are committed towards creating innovative and effective professional graduate community.

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Electrical and Electronics Engineering