Rajadhani Institute of Engineering and Technology

The first college under University of Kerala which introduced Aeronautical Engineering with well equipped class rooms and laboratories to prepare the young and dynamic engineers to become globally competent for success and leadership in the areas of Aeronautical Engineering. Field of engineering concerned with the design, development, construction, testing, and operation of vehicles operating in the Earth’s atmosphere or in outer space. 

The department offers 4 year undergraduate program, B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering. The department has a team of highly qualified, dedicated and motivated faculty and well equipped laboratories. This college has laboratories, classrooms, faculty rooms, sophisticated Aerodynamics Lab, Aircraft Structures lab, Modelling and Simulation lab, Seminar hall, conference hall and Duplex library. The department has a wide range of teaching activities.

The department prepares the graduates to undertake design, research and manufacturing activities to choose their careers in aeronautical engineering.

HOD Message

Among all the major engineering courses, Aeronautical Engineering is a niche field and is available only in selected academic institutions.  When you watch planes zooming in the sky or missiles roar in the sky precisely towards the target  or when ISRO or NASA launches satellites,   you must have fascinated and wondered how those flying vehicles are built and who builds them.  Aeronautical Engineers have a great role in these ventures. Aeronautical Engineering involves research, design, development, construction and finally the testing of all air or space vehicles. Aeronautical engineering has become one of the recognized and coveted professions.

The Indian aeronautical industry is also growing rapidly. Air travel and space exploration continue to increase on a large scale.  There is a heavy demand for both civilian and military aircraft. In India we have developed fighter aircraft TEJAS which is inducted into air force, NAL is developing transport aircrafts HANSA and SARAS, HAL is manufacturing and servicing different military  aircrafts, ISRO have developed advanced state of art launch vehicle and space systems and the number of launches have increased many fold. DRDO have developed different missiles like AGNI, PRITHWI, AKASH, TRISUL, NAG etc and they are undergoing further developments. In addition aeronautical engineering has a major role in aircraft maintenance and servicing of different air lines like Air India, Jet Airways, Indigo airlines etc. Aeronautical engineering has an inevitable role in Air Force, Navy and also in automobile industries, compressor and turbine design, propulsion and so on. A large number of Indian engineers are working abroad in NASA, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, etc.  Thus there is a steady growth in aeronautical area and opportunities are many.