Rajadhani Institute of Engineering and Technology

2018-06-22 00:00:00

International  Day  of   Yoga 2018  was  celebrated  at  Rajadhani  Institute of Engineering  and Technology   on 21st  June 2018. To promote the importance  of this day,   a training  session was organized  in the  Campus. Dr. R. Sathikumar , Principal , RIET in his inaugural  speech  mentioned the  practice   of yoga  leading to better  mental, physical and intellectual health.

Prof.R. Lakshmi,Yoga  trainer in her  speech  delivered   the   objectives of the  international  day of Yoga,  is  to  spread the  awareness on the positive  influence of yoga  practice  on  health  challenges. 

She  also  mentioned  that, due to the growing  competition, the  changing  life  style, peer pressure  from  teacher and   parents,  students  are excessively  stressed . The  best   way to cope   up stress and emotions  is through the practice of  yoga as it   has a   huge  effect on  body  and  mind .  It also  helps one to  be focused,  improves  concentration, enhances  immunity to diseases, and  improves  the  memory  power.

The faculty members and the  students of  RIET  participated  in the  training  session. The  trainer demonstrated   certain  yoga  postures that helps  to keep the body fit and  healthy,  breathing  techniques  to  gain  a  control  over    the  mind  and  mudras to give balance to all elements  and  bring harmony in  life.  A sense of   inner confidence,  higher level of consciousness,  and positive energy  was experienced and  enjoyed   by the all the  participants .